Too Fast Too Furious

Fantasy__038332_Last week we talked about the RACE and briefly we touched on the point of being fast in the race. The Bible says that the believers are not of the world although they are in the world. Just think of a man who has spent his whole life learning the traits of the world. An average human learns a lot in the world -things like unforgiveness, being revengeful and competitive. And when he enters the church he enters with all this in him. In the church he experiences the move of God in his life and he begins to deal with the bigger issues which are seen on the surface like addiction, adultery and other behavioral issues, but where he fails is that he is busy in learning new things in the church and applying them to his life but he forgets the part that he has to unlearn, the so called formula of success of the world. It is rightly said in Song of Solomon 2:15, the small foxes ruin the vineyard. This is one point of concern in many churches where leaders and ministers are focusing on teaching new things about the spiritual life but they fail to tell the new disciples to unlearn some of the unnecessary things that they have picked up in the world. So in this case it is like pouring new wine in the old wine skin and which results in catastrophe. The Bible is full of such examples of people who believed in God but wanted to attain Kingdom goals in the earthly fashion. In the book of Acts Chapter 5 you will come across the story of Ananias and Sapphira who were motivated believers of the early church and they wanted to follow the trend where people were contributing more and more for the Gospel to increase. Some people will call them greedy, some may call them thieves but to me I find them as victims of the race for recognition. They wanted people to recognize them in the elite group of givers, as others who were selling off their possessions and putting the entire money in the church during that period. If you ask me, whether they were greedy, I would say no. If they were greedy they won’t even think of paying any amount to the church but in their case they brought some in the church and some they kept for themselves. They were not thieves because they sold the piece of land which belonged to them. The mistake they did was that they wanted the Apostles to recognize them among the good givers and they lied. They wanted to look faithful when their faith was shaken and without faith you may be able impress the leaders in the church but its impossible to please God ( Read Hebrews 11:6).
The people who try to attain success in their spiritual lives on the basis of the worldly principles I term them as lightning.They shine, but for little time and the impact they have is devastating. Gehazi was the prime candidates on whom Elisha’s prophetic mantle was supposed to be transferred but on the other hand his need for speed got him into trouble not only him but his coming generations as well. (Read 2 Kings 5:19 to 27). In this passage I like the question asked by Prophet Elisha to Gehazi in verse 26 “Is it a time to receive money and to receive clothes and olive groves and vineyards and sheep and oxen and male and female servants?” this means there was an appropriate time for Gehazi to receive all this but the time and method he picked was wrong.
I like to drive and the speed at which I drive depends on many factors like the traffic, terrain, conditions of the road etc. and accordingly I adapt. The speed on highways are different than the speeds at which we drive in the driveways. If we try and drive in the driveways at the speed limits of highway we are in danger and on the other hand being on the highway if we drive at the speed allowed in the blocks, we are causing troubles for us and for others. In my long drives I generally have my wife is with me and her eyes are fixed on speed and the moment the needle on the speedometer goes towards the red corridor her sweet voice helps me to decelerate. I praise God for the Holy Spirit He raises an alarm when we are not at the right speed. How fast we go is not as important as but how far we go.

Love & prayers from
Pr. T.Bakshi & Neha Bakshi
The Well Diggers Ministry.


11 thoughts on “Too Fast Too Furious”

  1. Thanks brother its very encouraging and make to look inside me . Helps me to find and worn on the root cause not the surface.
    God bless you.

    • Thanks brother. Keep Going on strong on what the Lord has called you to do, Follow the Lead of Holy Spirit. Be Blessed.

  2. We ought to be careful of.the little foxes who try to destroy the vineyard.stay away from those little sins ask the Holy Spirit for guidance. Cling to him pray always in the spirit. Your blog is very encouraging. God bless and enlarge the work he has started in you.

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