Daily Devotional

Its a blog that will help you raise you faith by reading the word of God. We have focused on the aspects that will help us to walk better in our faith life. These are devotionals are biblical in nature and are simple to understand. Our prayer is , as you read these daily devotionals you will feel the touch of His Holy Spirit.

Missing Discernment

When we hear the term false prophet we feel that it is associated with prophecy but it actually means a false teachers. In other words the person who is biblically wrapping a false message and deceiving people to follow it. We need discernment to understand such people and their teaching.

Don’t Be Intimidated

In all these situations Jesus taught us to turn the tables. He never exited the scene grumbling, neither He kept quite but taught all these people in love and humility. This is reason many were saved and delivered from the snares of the evil one. When you encounter such situation depend pray and depend upon the Holy Spirit to give your right words

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