The Well Diggers

About The Well Diggers

Founded in 2015, The Well Diggers Church  is non-denominational, multicultural church led by Senior Pastor T.Bakshi and his wife Neha Bakshi.  The Well Diggers Ministry operates as a non-profit organization with its principal campus in Dhariwal, Punjab and Goa.
Deeply involved the local  communities, The Well Diggers ministry reaches out with its Children Ministry to the children living in the streets and slumps. The work to rehabilitate the drug addicts and prostitutes have been able to shape lives for the glory of God.

About Pastor Thamoghana Bakshi

Pastor T. Bakshi comes from a traditional Hindu Bengali family and came to know Jesus in the year 1999. While he was a young boy he had a supernatural encounter with God which gave a new meaning and direction to His life. He worked in the corporate world for more than 14 years.In the October of 2013 he heard God calling him out to serve him. He left his career in advertising and joined ministry.He worked as an  Associate Pastor with a church in Delhi. After a series of supernatural events, he was lead to pioneer The Well Diggers Church in Goa in 2015. In the year 2019 The call on his life lead him to bring up a centre in a remote village of Punjab, where he desires to raise up a generation of leaders who are filled with the Holy Spirit. The call on his life is to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to the world by the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Pastor Bakshi  says that “I believe God has plans for everyone as He has for me. I was living in a place of no hope and darkness being caught up in all kinds of false practices. When I was at the lowest point of my life, where I was not sure of the next step, I encountered Jesus in a small  changed my life. If this encounter can change me it can change anyone.”

about the welldiggers

About Neha Bakshi

She is a speaker and a visionary, a compassionate leader who has a passion to work among women and teens.  She serves alongside her husband and is the Co-Founder of the Well Diggers Ministry. In her early teens she gave her life to Jesus but as she grew up her life took turns where she lost the relationship with God. But God had different plans, He encountered her is such a fashion that she dedicated her life to serve him against all odds. She walks with a strong prophetic mantle on her life, which gives insight and wisdom and many areblessed by her ministry. Because of what the Lord has done in her life, she loves to see people step into their break through the power of the Holy Spirit. She got married to Pastor Bakshi in 2010 and God has blessed them with a daughter.


The vision of this ministry is to prepare the ground for people to ENCOUNTER GOD. In the Gospel of John Chapter 4 Jesus meets a Samaritan woman at the well of Jacob and this encounter changes everything about this woman and impacts Samaria. This is what The Well Diggers is about.


The mission of this ministry is to spread the Gospel and share the goodness of the Lord . It focuses on preaching the good news, planting Churches and rendering help like providing education, medical aid, counseling, feeding the hungry and being a channel of the physical and emotional healing that only God can provide. This ministry has its base in the South West costal state of India called Goa.